Steve Easterbrook, CEO of the McDonald’s corporation

I am soon going to publish on this website an open letter to the attention of Steve Easterbrook. I will ask for his resignation as the CEO of the McDonald’s corporation.

It’s my personal belief that if the Rule of law is respected, McDonald’s is virtually bankrupt. Even in the event McDonald’s would succeed to avoid bankruptcy, I really believe they will be seriously be affected by what’s currently happening. I am very busy recently. I have to file a motion before the European Court of Human Rights and I don’t have much time to explain everything in details. Until my open letter is published, this is a very short summary :

First of all, if I am not mistaken, it seems the McDonald’s Monopoly sweeptstakes was cancelled for the United States in 2017. See for more information…

Talk about the formal notice sent to, among others, Jean-Claude Marin, Procureur général de la Cour de Cassation => False odds given = Serious fraud.

Explain quickly the Rule of law and why McDonald’s face bankruptcy.